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Energi Alternatif

Inilah Beberapa Energi Alternatif Pengganti Bahan Bakar

Here is a popular alternative fuel. But what about the vehicles that run on them? Between hydrogen fuel cells, bio diesel, electricity and compressed air, the industry is working hard to create a next generation of vehicles who do not eat a lot of energy. Here, a new environmentally friendly energy at least deserve a lot of attention.

Compressed air
Perhaps the most tantalizing of all the alternative fuel is compressed air. That's all it takes to run a car, designed by French engineers and will be available to American drivers in 2010. So hard to believe, this car does not need more than compressed air to cruise around town at speeds up to 35MPH. (When using oil can achieve speeds of 90MPH) The best of everything., This car will be affordable to almost everyone with a price of $ 20,000.

Vegetable oil
Everywhere, people always underestimate about running cars using vegetable oil since the idea was first proposed, and now we're taking the leap from concept to reality! Volkswagen enthusiasts can now drive with a clean bio-diesel beetle entirely, and they do not have to wait for it, either. VW beetle shown here are included in the fleet in the Bio-Beetle, bio-diesel pertaman issued by the car rental office is headquartered in Maui.

Hydrogen fuel cells
The prospect of hydrogen-fueled cars have been tantalizing environmentally friendly car drivers for years. While car manufacturers currently wrestling with all the technical challenges (such as how to store hydrogen in vehicles efficiently or how to prevent it from freezing and / or burning), evidence of hydrogen-powered concept car is a model of luxury Mercedes vehicles.

Water (yes, water!)

This Japanese car (called Genepax) can travel around 80 kilometers per hour, for an hour, only on one liter of water as its fuel source. These cars use hydrogen electrons from water to generate electricity which, in turn, power the electric motor of the car. Many can not criticize him about water-fueled vehicles, Genepax is the most appropriate answer.

Wood pellets (aka Biomass)

The car pictured here actually running using wooden pallets. Which is basically the same thing will probably be burned in wood stoves or campfires to produce heat that creates energy. This is all part of what is known as biomass, biological material refers to any organism that has been dead that can be used as fuel.

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